Puno, Peru

9 Jun 2004 5:27 pm

lago titicaca
reed canoe, Lago Titicaca

The floating islands in Lake Titicaca near Puno, Peru are a popular mochilero (backpacker) destination. Based on reports from travelers who visited the floating islands, spent the night with a floating family, and went to a folk party where they were required to dress in local dress and dance, I had my doupts. Late in the afternoon our bus from Copacabana pulled into Puno. One look at Puno and I knew I would be on the next bus to Cuzco. Puno is THE ugliest city I’ve ever seen. Puno architects and builders have mastered the rebar/ exposed brick unfinished building style perfectly. Yuck. I took a 2 hour cruise in the lake, we visited a few floating islands (a.k.a. floating crafts stores), I picked up a few traveling companions for Mr. Toast and I took the night bus to Cuzco.

toasts friends Mr. Toast’s new friends from Lago Titicaca

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