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El Tortugario


20 Jan 2008 3:17 pm


Perhaps the best time of day in Montericco is 5:30 in the afternoon. This is when el Torutugario (Sea Turtle Sanctuary) releases the baby turtles into the ocean. the babies that have hatched over night are saved until 5:30 and all released together with great ceremony and best wishes for a safe voyage. The engery of hope at thsi daily event is completely excellent.

 It works like this: The workers at the Tortugario set up a line in the sand at 5:30. The tourists line up for the launch. If you like, you can sponsor a baby turtle for 10 Quetzales (~$1.25US) and then you get to let it go yourself into the sand. At the ‘Go’, everyone puts their turtles down and they walk SLOWLY down the sandy beach and are swept up by the tide as the sun sets in Montericco. This is completely fun.

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