Buenos Aires

27 Jan 2004 1:49 pm

Note to self: when traveling to foreign lands, first check the weather.

We almost didn´t leave Dulles airport because of the huge snow storm. Five hours delayed, after much snow ploughing and last minute deicing, we made it off the runway. 10 hours later when we touched down in BA, it was 95 degrees. It´s still 95. The weather is difficult but everything else is easy. At the airport I visited the tourist information counter where they booked me a cheap hostel. I super shuttled into Buenos Aires and they dropped me at the door. Once inside the hostel I met heaps of travelers who filled in all the details. That night we went out to the Puerto Madryn where I enjoyed Malbec y chorizo (Argentinian wine and steak). Buenos Aires is easy to get around and I feel safe. All is good AND hot hot. Traveling is like riding a bike – can´t forget how.

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