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Xela to Lago de Atitlan


24 Dec 2007 1:04 pm

We decided on the chicken bus for the Saturday morning journey to Lago Atitlan. We first took a minivan to the the ´bus terminal´ in Xela. The bus terminal is located in a great market. The best I´ve seen in Guatemala so far. The bus terminal consists of a thousand old american school buses. We […]



22 Dec 2007 6:19 pm

Klaus arrived yesterday. I met Klaus in Chile 4 years ago. We randomly kept in touch via email, and decided to travel together around Guatemala for these 3 weeks. Klaus is a happy and melo guy and a superb travel partner.  The Sakribal field trip today took us to a Navidad Posada.  This is a […]

Aguas Calientes


22 Dec 2007 6:06 pm

The Sakribal field trip today took us to some natural hot springs.  We took a local bus (aka old american school bus) to the little town outside of Xela and then got off and walked about 30 minute through many farms and along a river and also next to a formidable sewage treatment plant. The […]

Lessons in Quetzaltenango


22 Dec 2007 6:06 pm

After spanish lessons I walk home to Sandra´s house for lunch. Lunch is served at 1pm and is the main meal of the day.  Sandra serves traditional Guatemalan food which is rice, black beans, meat at plenty of bread and tortillas. Beverage choices are hot tea, instant coffee, and orange ´drink´. Sakribal arranges a daily field […]

Early days in Guatemala


19 Dec 2007 8:16 pm

Lunes 17 Dec There are a few methods of transit in Guatemala. mas caro (expensive) – taxi caro (minivan & less expensive but quick) – direct shuttle normal (what the guatemalan take) – chicken bus I was in a hurry to get from Antigua to Quetzaltenango (aka Xela) to study Spanish for this week, so […]

Departure and arrival


16 Dec 2007 8:21 pm

337  I left San Francisco Saturday morning after 3 hours of sleep. On the flight to Dallas, I met Solon, a grad student a UCSF, also on his way to Guatemala. Solon is a second timer and is studying Spanish to help him in his new career as a nurse practitioner. Solon was a little […]

San Francisco


15 Nov 2004 3:54 am

I’ve put away the back pack and the guide book. I’m back in the foggy city for good. I don’t have a job just yet (why rush?). Old friends are great, new friends are exciting. There is plenty of fun for everyone. The Golden Gate Mr. Toast had a date with Mrs. toast who recently […]

A vacation from my vacation


29 Oct 2004 4:08 am

Traveling solo, carrying around and backpack for a year and a half can really tire a girl out. Once home, I needed a vacation from my vacation. I visited 7+ months pregnant Meg and her family in Nantucket. Made it back to the west coast in time for the 10th annual Pyramid lake trip. Hans, […]

Voy a Casa


24 Jul 2004 5:35 am

Buenos Aires is great city. It’s NYC meets Paris but at 1/3 the price. There is always another restaurant to try, a hip nightspot with good music, theater, opera, more and more. If you want leather boots, a coat, leather anything, Buenos Aires is the place. If you like beautiful people head to Buenos Aires. […]



20 Jul 2004 2:58 am

What is bliss? What does it look like, feel like, taste like? After 6 months of traveling around South America and a night in the air in economy class, bliss is coming home to your mom’s house where the sun is shining and the grass is green, taking a long hot shower in your very […]