15 Jun 2004 7:49 pm



Ollantaytambo is a very pretty little town set next to more impressive terraces and temple ruins. The road to Machu Picchu ends here and you continue by train or hike it. Ollantaytambo has been around for some time. The buildings along the narrow stone streets are built on Incan foundations. There is an old Incan grainery on the mountain above town. The ruins of the sun temple atop the terraces incude some REALLY big pieces of granite transported from a quarry 6 kilometers away by the Incans. I hiked up up and up to that quarry. I could hardly transport myself and one Snickers bar. I cannot imagine how they moved these house sized stones.

A young American guy, Will, owns the hostal I’m staying in. I guess he cashed his chips in the US and bought this hostal, tour agency and restaurant. It’s a fixer upper operation but there is certainly opportunity here. There are a few gringo owned businesses in town. The idea is really appealing… Wonder how he will do.

Volleyball players

I met these girls playing on the road. I guess in south America soccer is reserved for males, and girls play volleyball. Problem is, there are no nets or Volleyballs in Peru. We played volleyball on the road with a plastic wiffle ball and no net.

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