13 Jun 2004 7:44 pm

Inca ruins at Pisac

The Sacred Valley around Cuzco is excellent. Don’t miss it. The little town of Pisac is home to beautiful and puzzling Incan terraces, a good market, and at least one great restaurant. How did the Incans construct these massive terraces and forts so high up this mountain? How did they move so much stone so far? How could they mason the stone to fit so perfectly? It is so beautiful today, what did this place look like before the Spanish arrived?

There are local kids like these girls everywhere wanting to pose for a few cents.

Ulrike’s Cafe is a gringo restaurant which serves wonderful Peruvian food. Ulrike’s is famous for it’s real New York cheesecake (but where did the cheese come from?). Funny thing, most people who come in try the cheesecake, but it’s only the people who KNOW cheesecake (the Americans) who like it. I had time to notice this because over the course of two days I came into Ulrike’s three different times to *sample* the cheesecake.

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