Termas around Pucon

31 Mar 2004 2:12 pm

I left San Martin in the rain, crossed the boarder to Chile in the rain, and arrived in Pucon in more rain. Pucon is all about climbing Volcan Villarica but we couldn’t even see it from town – too many clouds. The trekking outfitters were canceling all trips up the volcano until the weather cleared, and that could be days, even a week. There are still a few things worth doing in the rain, like watching soccer in the pub and sitting in hot springs, so this is what we did. I linked up with some other gringos from my guest house for lunch and then soccer….can´t remember who Argentina was playing that day. That evening, we put together a picnic dinner with wine and pisco sours, and hired a van to drive us way out of town to some hot springs, Termas de Huife. It was POURING down rain but a very pretty place. Several hot pools along a river within a gorge and giant granite bolders all around.

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