Coco´s House, San Martin de los Andes

30 Mar 2004 2:19 pm

Birthday Dinner
Birthday Dinner

In search of trekking and hot spings I made my way to San Martin de los Andes. Coco’s house was recommended as a good hostel. Coco is this Argentinian guy who runs an illegal hostel out of his little house in San Martin. Coco is such a good guy. He spends his days hanging out, cooking for his guests, giving trekking advice and just talking about life in Argentina. Coco´s home is a rather bohemian place. You won’t see a bunch of gringos with their noses in their Lonely Planet at Coco’s house. Rather, there is no English spoken at Coco´s, the bathroom’s are not so clean, and the place generally smells like a fat spliff. But Coco is so friendly and generous – just love that guy. Daily loco Coco cooks up a great homemade breakfast and dinner. When I arrived, as happens nearly every day, someone asked my age, my job and about my trip. No one could believe I was thirty six. In fact they were so convinced that I was saying the numbers wrong that they made me write ‘36’ on a piece of paper. Hooray for youthful looks – thanks mom! When Coco learned that it was recently my birthday he immediately set to work on a birthday party for the next night. Loco Coco made a birthday feast of quite possibly the best roasted chicken I will ever have. Yum. We also ate roasted potatoes, pesto, ensalada and of course wine. I made a big apple crumble with cream for desert.

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