Puerto Natales, Chile

26 Feb 2004 4:19 pm

I had a terribly long bus ride from argentina – 6+ hours on gravel roads with 2 x 1 hour emmigration stops.

Bad news: whew, chile is muy caro (very expensive). Good news: I’m staying in the hip hostal in town – Concepto Indigo. it’s right on the water. my room has a fantastic view. I’ll take a picture to make everyone jealous (but will she ever post it?).

Today’s delema: how to fit in kayaking, trekking and a ferry up north. the trek i want to do takes 5 days. the ferry i want leaves every thursday. the 3 day kayaking trip is $180 and leaves on the 2nd or the 9th. It just doesn’t add up unless I skip the kayaking. ice climbing on the glacier is an option as well. all cost money. even the food here is expensive. actually, this town, puerto natales is supposed to be one of the most expensive places in all of chile because all the tourists flock here to get to the park Torres del Paine. hmmm….what to do.

3 Responses to “Puerto Natales, Chile”

  1. Ben & Steph (February 27th, 2004 at 1:18 pm)

    Hey CN! We faced a similar dilemma. We wanted to do the kayaking trip down the Serrano but didn’t really have the time to do it and also spend quality time in Argentina. So, we took a boat UP the Serrano instead!

    It was a great way to enter the park (one less long dusty bus ride) and quite beautiful. By taking the boat you get to spend some time on the water and see all the river sights in one day instead of three. Obviously it’s not as cool as kayaking, but we enjoyed it.

    You get on a big boat and cruise up to a glaicer in Bernardo O’Higgins Park where you get off and hike to check out the glacier. Then you switch to Zodiac boats for the remainder of the trip to Torres del Paine. NOTE: You cannot take your big backpack on the boats. They drive your pack to the park in a van/truck and meet you there. Make sure to have a day pack with everything you’ll want on the boat!

    You arrive at the park in the late afternoon (4 or 4:30 pm?). We were able to get a shuttle to the catamaran and catch the last boat across Lago Pehoe the same day. Some friends of ours hiked the “W” in the other direction and just took the bus to Hosteria Torres after getting off the boat. Either way is good. I think the boat trip is $60-80.

    Have fun!

    Ben and Steph

    P.S.- Tell Juan at Concepto Indigo that we say hello. He’s the best!

  2. Gordon (February 28th, 2004 at 8:10 pm)

    I’m jealous of all of you! Ben, Steph , and you Laura. Sounds absolutely amazing. Some pictures would be nice if you can manage. How’s the food? (An always important element for you I know.) I would skip the ice climbing and go for the kayaking. Have fun


  3. j grimm (August 10th, 2004 at 9:26 pm)

    hey did you guys camp out on rio serrano, i own the property from where you get dropped off at the glacier to where you get dropped off at the park…did you like the area?