Chalten, Argentina

23 Feb 2004 9:59 pm

Chalten town

I took the morning bus to from Calafate. Lucky for me, the bus dropped me directly at my hostel in Chalten. As I sat there eating my tuna sandwich and contemplating the rest of my day, Todd walked up and asked if I wanted to take a short hike that afternoon. Traveling can be just that easy. You wake up, the bus picks you up at your hostel and deposits you at your next hostel where the sun is shining and a nice guy with much wit asks if you want to take a hike. There certainly are those days where everything goes wrong, but this wasn´t that kind of day.

The weather held and Todd and I made the 6 hour journey out and back to Lago Torre. Todd told me about leaving things behind in the mountains like sad feelings. I told Todd about hugging trees. All good.

Next day Todd and I linked up with Ryan and Lynn for another day hike up to Loma Pliegue Tumbado. Our hike this day including getting lost and scrambling up steep scree slopes to great viewpoints.

Parque National de los Glacieres y Torres de Fitz Roy

Also hiked to Fitz Roy with Celine (an old friend from Calafate days). Hardly a cloud in the sky all day.

Fits Roy
Fitz Roy

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