“Ready to go” pic posted

20 Feb 2004 12:29 am

Cindy again. I finally downloaded a picture that Laura took prior to departure and put it where it belonged, in the initial entry to the blog. Which you can find here.

It’s a great photo, because you can see our parents’ house in the background, lots of snow on the ground, Laura looking ever so slightly anxious and quite cold…. So of the moment. I think it was taken moments before our brother Anthony drove her to PIT airport.

(It also has the distinct advantage of not including me. So, yeah!)

Anyway. On other topics: Amusingly (at least for me), Laura and I seem to be moving stuff around on this blog at the same time, trying to organize and make sense of stuff. It’s because she’s sending me stuff to post and trying to learn the system, and learning it at the same time, and we’re not agreeing on what we’re doing. And of course we’re working at cross-purposes at various times. So I’ve gone and overridden her here and there, and she’s doing the same I’m sure. If you find weirdnesses, please blame them on lack of sisterly communication. Nonetheless, I think you’re getting full value from your blog-reading dollar. Let us know what you think.

Hey Laura: where are you today?

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