Iguazu Falls, Argentina

31 Jan 2004 1:58 pm


In Buenos Aires, Dale from Perth and I boarded a ‘super cama omnibus’ for the 16 hour trip to Iguazu falls. The Argentinian bus system can be pretty plush so of course I am a fan. For about $30 US, we traveled overnight in giant seats, watched a movie and were served dinner and breakfast. In Puerto Iguazu, Dale and I easily found a room in the Hotel San Gorge which happens to have a nice pool which I enjoyed all afternoon. Iguazu is full of Argentinian families on holiday and so was our pool.

Iguazi falls fall right between Brazil and Argentina. They are pretty damn big. We got to the park early to avoid the crowds but there was no luck with that. Hords of people all day long. There are trails all over the park and many are built close enough to provide continual showers – much needed in the heat and humidity. The highlight of the day was a motor boat trip that took us right through the rapids and INTO the falls. Everyone was completely drenched but that was the point. After an exhausting day at the park we recuperated poolside with cocktails and a mate. Mate is Argentinian tea served in a big mug which is stuffed with loose green tea. You also get a thermos of hot water and keep adding to your cup of tea leaves which you drink through a metal straw. It’s quite strong at first but really good. Not sure if it’s cafinated but it does rejuvenate.

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